The 2020 presidential election votes aren’t finalized yet, but it looks like Kanye West’s numbers have been tallied.

According to a report from the New York Post on Wednesday (Nov. 4), Yeezy, who ran as an Independent candidate under the Birthday Party, received 57,396 votes altogether from the 12 states where he was able to get on the ballot.

In Colorado, Kanye received nearly 6,000 votes; in Vermont over 1,200 votes; Arkansas: 3,979 votes; Idaho: 2,309; Iowa: 3,179; Kentucky: 6,259; Louisiana: 4,837; Minnesota 6,796; Mississippi: 3,009; Oklahoma: 5,587; Tennessee: 10,188; and in Utah, ‘Ye received 4,053 votes

The 2020 presidential election results aren’t conclusive yet.


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