DaBaby name-drops DaniLeigh on his new song “Go,” confirming their rumored fling.

DaBaby has got some big cajones because after DaniLeigh seemingly told the world that she’s moving away from the rapper, who she was rumored to be dating for months, he came through and basically confirmed their relationship.

Releasing the deluxe edition of his chart-topping album Blame It On Baby today, ten new songs are officially available from DaBaby. One of them, titled “Go,” makes reference to his fling with Dani.

“R&B freak, I try to fuck her every day/Curly-haired jiggy bitch, it might be DaniLeigh,” he raps on the new record. Realizing that he probably shouldn’t have said that, he goes on, “Ooh, did he just say that? You probably need to play back.”

DaniLeigh has not commented on the lyrics yet. 

Recently, she went back on her thirst trap game, pulling in Bow Wow in her mentions. “I’m the best gf,” she tweeted. “I’m loyal, loving , motivating , a woman of God, a family girl, a freak, a woman of God, I’m funny, I’m jiggy, hardworking , I ain’t boring , bitchhh I’m perfect.”

Bow Wow was enamored by her, replying, “I know i said id never get married. But let me tell you… a woman like this!!! BOY ill call my jeweler so FAST …”

What do you think of DaBaby name-dropping DaniLeigh in his new song?


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