David Beckham and Victoria Beckham had reportedly been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus earlier this year, in March.

It has been revealed that they caught the coronavirus while they had visited LA, after which they put themselves in quarantine to curb the virus from spreading further. However, they feared that they were ‘superspreaders’ as they had met a lot of people and attended multiple parties before showing any symptoms.

The Sun reported that Victoria Beckham and David Beckham caught coronavirus after meeting many people and attending parties in the USA. It has been further reported that many of their relatives and staff members had also come in contact with the couple and caught the virus. When Victoria Beckham found out that the two have contracted the virus, they not only quarantined themselves but were concerned that they might have spread it to other people in a large number.

Reportedly, earlier this year, the couple had attended numerous events but their ordeal is believed to have begun on March 1st when David Beckham’s Miami team was launched at Los Angeles FC. The Beckham family had flown down to support David Beckham’s venture and were joined by chef Gordon Ramsay and Brooklyn Beckham’s fiancee Nicola Peltz. The couple went on to attend networking and promotional events where they shook hands with various club dignitaries.

Post that, the couple flew back to London and celebrated their son’s birthday party there. They next went on on a small vacation in USA where the made a stop at Miami. It was only after, when they returned from this trip from the USA, that Victoria Beckham and David started to feel unwell.Read Also | Victoria Beckham And David Beckham To Feature In A Documentary Series Soon?

The couple came down with sore throat and high fever at the same time when their associates including their drivers, bodyguards and assistants fell ill as well. The source of a media portal reported that Victoria was very upset when she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and immediately made the whole family quarantine for more than 2 weeks. The media portal also reported that when the couple recovered, they regularly checked in with their staff friends and family members they thought they could have affected.

Reportedly, they sent care packages to at least two staff members who were severely ill during that time. Following the incident, the couple spent the entire summer in their country home and before their trip to Greece and Italy, they took swab and antibody test in order to make sure that they were not affected by the coronavirus anymore.


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