Not many people are fans of M.I.A.’s contribution to Travis Scott’s new single “Franchise”.

When it was announced that M.I.A., who has been MIA for the last few years, was returning on a single with Travis Scott and Young Thug, the world was excited to hear what they had come up with. The song, titled “Franchise”, had been floating around under an alternate title, “White Tee”, for a little while but M.I.A.’s addition to the song was new. 

At midnight, it came time to give this one a spin and, right off the bat, people were turned off by M.I.A.’s verse, which many are saying does not fit well with the song. 

Her verse is being clowned on social media by basically everybody, with very few people actually defending her contribution to the song. While it’s upsetting to see how many people aren’t feeling the track because of her, especially given the fact that she’s just freshly returned, the song’s detractors may have a point.

“Mia should have stayed MIA,” joked one HNHH user in the comments to the track. “Why the hell is MIA on this. Ruined the song,” said another.

Let us know in the comments what you thought about the song. Were you feeling it or did M.I.A. actually leave a sour taste in your mouth?


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