A twitter user Seun known by his moniker @MistaSeun_ revealed while his wife was in the labour room struggling to give birth to his second child, he was out with three of his friends having a great time.

In a thread that has since been deleted due to backlash, Seun tweeted on the day of the delivery of his daughter instead of staying with his woman at the hospital, he went out with his friends including popular twitter influencer Mazi Ibe to have a bowl of isi-ewu at a bar. When his partner was done with putting to birth, she sent him a text “I am through” , not withstanding the urgency of the matter, Seun still waited to have his isi-ewu packed for him.

This matter has received backlash on twitter as many people have called him out on his selfishness and the possibility of him not being a good father and husband.


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