Netflix is testing out a new ‘Shuffle Play’ button for viewers who find it hard to decide what they want to watch.

The streaming service confirmed that the shuffle button will begin to appear on the Netflix user page, underneath the users’ names.

The idea behind it is that when you select ‘Shuffle Play’, Netflix will select something either from the user’s saved list, or something the person has already watched, previously. The algorithm can also mean that the selected TV show/film could be one the user has not seen before, but one they recommend based on previous selections.

Some users have noticed a variety of shuffle settings being tested out, from a ‘Play Something’ button, to a ‘Play Random Episode’ button, but Netflix is yet to decide whether or not to go ahead and publicly release the current ‘Shuffle Play’ feature.

The company explained that they plan on introducing the new feature in order to let users quickly find content tailored to their specific interests without having to scroll for long periods of time.

They added that they want people to feel like they are watching traditional television by finding something suitable as soon as they log in.


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