On Thursday September 17, President Muhammadu Buhari signed an important piece of legislation into law.

According to the presidency, that Act among other things, established a fit-for-purpose funding framework for the Nigerian Police Force to bring it in line with other key Federal institutions. It would also enhance police professionalism through increased training opportunities and create a proper template for symbiotic relations between the NPF and local communities to maintain law and order across Nigeria.

But looking through the act, it was made to oppress everyone, the rich, the poor and most especially the powerless. The bill gives powers to the police to stop, search and arrest Nigerians at will without any specific or enforceable limit, a funding framework that effectively incentivizes and legalizes shakedowns of citizens by the police; and also shields the police from responsibility for police misbehaviour, while effectively criminalizing Nigerians for speaking out against such extremities.

Nigerians have taken to twitter to kick against the bills and react negatively towards the bills

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