Talented Nollywood actor Don Jerry Amilo has woken up from a three day coma after being pronounced by doctors.

Don Jerry was on his way to Lagos state from Delta for Reel Awards with his lawyer when his front Tyre removed causing his car to somersault a number of times. His lawyer died on the spot but he was in a coma for 3 days and was subsequently sent to the mortuary after doctors declared him dead.

Thankfully, professional doctors came to morgue only to realize he was only in a coma and there was still life in him, he taken was out of the morgue and given appropriate attention. Right now he is still in the hospital and taken good care of.

Don Jerry is a successful actor in the Eastern Nollywood industry best known for this action and criminal roles. He joined the Nigerian movie industry in 1993, where he starred in “Bruno And The Law”.


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