With the incessant attacks in the Northern part of Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorist and the Nigerian Army getting slain by the hundreds daily, a well meaning Nigerian has offered a solution to our insecurity problems.

Northern influencer socialite Sarki aka @wassaping has requested via twitter, the federal government gives him 20 gallant soldiers to face the terrorists head on in Sambisa Forest for 6 months. Sarki assures he will wipe extremist leader out the them out when he is done.

“Give me 6 months with a fully loaded gun and a 20 man team of young energetic soldiers willing to die on the line and I’d deliver shekau’s head and every bandits leader in this country on a stake I don’t know why it’s taking Buratai and his crew this long to end this mess.”

Just two days ago, Boko Haram terrorists were reportedly attacking Magumeri town in Borno State, which is about 50km from Maiduguri, the state capital.

We hope the government gives the concerned Nigerian adequate resources needed for this heinous job so Northern Nigeria can be safe again.


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