Since an Islamic court in Northern Nigeria on Monday sentenced a 22-year-old Yahaya Aminu Sharif to death by hanging for his derogatory expressions against Prophet Mohammed in one of his songs, more extremists have been voicing out their opinions on the situation.

One of these many extremists include the personal assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmad who widely known for his over the top negligence to human rights. In one tweet that has since been deleted, the presidential aide applauded the death sentence of the singer and blamed it on his belief on Islam.

Mobs have since burnt down the singer’s family home and took to the streets to demand his prosecution which lead to his arrest, his legal proceedings was held behind closed doors for security reasons.

Sharif, a Muslim singer that belongs to a separate branch of Tijaniyya Sufi order, whose beliefs are considered heretical because of their different interpretation of some basic Islamic principles.


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