Prince Harry has paid back £2.4 million ($3.2 million) of British taxpayers’ money used to renovate his home at Windsor Castle, using cash from his recent Netflix deal, his spokesman said on Monday.

The Duke of Sussex, as he is formally known, and his wife, American former actress Meghan Markle, retired from royal duties earlier this year in a quest for “financial independence”. In doing so, the couple said they were giving up their taxpayer-funded income, and promised to reimburse the public money used to renovate their Frogmore home.

Harry’s spokesman said, “A contribution has been made to the Sovereign Grant by the Duke of Sussex. The money “fully covered” the renovation costs of the house, which belongs to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and will remain his and the duchess’ UK residence, he added.

Harry and Meghan spend much of their time in her native US.

Britain’s domestic Press Association news agency said the payment was made possible because of a deal the couple signed with Netflix, the streaming giant, announced last week. No financial terms were disclosed but it was reported to be a multi-million-dollar deal over several years.


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