Amid praises and encomiums showered on May D for signing with Davido’s DMW, an agitated Twitter user has come out to spell it out as fake love.

According to @itzbasito, these people never cared and all the support they are showing right now is all fake.

In his words, he wrote:

However, this has sparked quite a lot of reactions on Twitter as many are opposing his claim.

@DAFLOWABIOYE replied him saying

It’s not fake support if nobody knew he dropped an EP. He got signed to Davido which is big hence people knew he dropped an EP, y’all stop all these yarns

Well, @tzbasito still defended himself:

How could they know he got signed and not know he dropped the EP?
Is he not the same person that announced the 2?

@WombFarmer strolled in with his own judgment:

A “co-sign” is more important in show biz than anything. ESPECIALLY when an artiste’s best claim to fame was through a previous co-sign (psquare).

The “association” is what creates acceptance not the product. That’s why show biz is coon shit.

At this point, we can only wait to see the outcome of the deal. In other words, let’s wait to see what May D with DMW will produce.

Source: Talkglitz


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