Chinese Property Mogul Jailed For Calling Their President A Clown

A Chinese property mogul and critic of President Xi Jinping, has been jailed for corruption after calling the president a clown. Ren Zhiqiang, the former


TikTok To Be Ban From US App Stores By Sunday

US commerce department, which announced the move on Friday, stopped short of forcing Apple and Google to remove the Chinese versions of TikTok and WeChat


Man Hospitalized After Inserting Beer Glass Into Butt For Pleasure

A 53-year-old man was rushed into surgery after he inserted a beer glass into his butt hole and couldn’t get it out. The incident took

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There Is A New Virus In China Experts Say

A new infectious disease caused by a tick-borne virus has killed over seven people and infected 60 others in China, official media here reported on