Tekashi 6ix9ine uploads yet another video taunting his foes, boasting that he has been in the streets every day since his release from house arrest.

Boosie Badazz predicted that it wouldn’t take long for somebody to catch up to Tekashi 6ix9ine following his prison release. The rapper had a feeling-out period where he was on home confinement for several months (weren’t we all, tbh?) but on August 2, he was officially allowed to freely roam the streets. A few weeks have gone by and the most that 69 has had to deal with was a woman chasing a lawsuit.

With an album reportedly coming out next month, the rainbow-haired rapper decided to goad his opps into taking action, recording a video just for them and taunting anybody that may be considering retaliation against him.

“I’ma just make it real real real real clear for all my r****ds out there,” said 6ix9ine in his new Instagram video, obnoxiously chewing his gum. “I was released on August 2. Since August 2 to August 20, I’ve been outside every single day. Doing shit y’all said I couldn’t do. I’ve been doing the most regular shit in the world. Everything y’all said I couldn’t do, I been doing.”

In his caption, he clarified what he’s been up to, all of which has been heavily publicized.

“I took the train, I went shopping at the mall , i went to the park, I ate at a restaurant outside, went to LA, paid my respects to Nipsy, Fed the homeless …….. But again hE hAs SeCuRiTy !!! Duh lol am I not suppose to dummy???????,” wrote the troll.


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