In a recent interview with one of our correspondences, chairman movement for fundamental change in Nigeria Mr. Oloye Adeniji gave reasons why we (Nigerians) must restructure Nigeria before any other general election.

The former Lagos state gubernatorial candidate expressed worry that the old order looters are back to loot Nigeria some more. He said

“The 1999 constitution was not enacted to unite or develop NIGERIA for NIGERIANS. The military coup plotters (we call them OLD ORDER LOOTERS) decreed it and smuggled it into our status after the civilian government had been elected in 1999.”

“Their objective was to sustain themselves and their apologists/cronies in power as long as possible. No wonder all of them supported General Mohammadu Buhari to come back and take his turn after being removed in a palace coup. The greatest wonder our NADECO chieftains and beneficiaries of the fake constitution gave the old order looter ticket to come back.”

“21 years is long enough, it is obvious that NIGERIA is now worst than what she was in 1998. Our so called progressives that we trusted to perfect the constitution have been proved to be worst than the OLD ORDER LOOTERS.


Mr. Oloye Adeniji who has always campaigned for better governance buttressed this is the perfect time for everyone to drop their grievances and party affiliations and kick out APC from the country’s politics.


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