Job interview gone wrong

We take a look at small (seemingly) but significant mistakes job seekers make.

Many people fail exams/tests/interviews not because they lack knowledge of the subject matter but because they don’t obey simple instructions.

Some jobs start interviewing you from the application procedures.

For example

• Send CV in word/pdf format

• Attach a Cover Letter & CV as one doc. etc.

• When a number is attached and it states whatsapp only! And all you keep doing is to call 10times…it’s a turn off!

If you chatted the number and there’s no response, then you can call to say “I chatted you but it didn’t deliver…

• Always read vacancy details thoroughly before chatting the number because most people are always in a hurry and they chat the number to ask the same question that’s on the vacancy details.

Be smart.

Source: Next Job


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